Welcome Posted on 23 Apr 16:21


Welcome to the brand new ShopCaras.com! We are excited to share our passion for fashion with the online world.  Get ready to shop 'til you drop with the touch of  your finger or the click of your mouse!

We have a few exciting new changes in the works right now, here at Cara's Boutique. 1. Obviously, we have been working hard to enable your shopping habits by creating this new website, so you can shop at home. (Think of it as shopping therapy, not a problem! You'll thank us later when you are feeling cute in your new clothes.) 2. We've hired some new, amazing employees to ensure we keep you up to date with all the merchandise that is arriving everyday by the ton. Literally, by the ton.. Kind of. If only you could see how many boxes arrive at the store each day with new hauls of fashion fun. (The picture below will give you a good visual.) We experience the excitement of Christmas morning on a daily basis because of all the boxes we open!

I know what you are thinking.. WOAH!!

We have also hired a new store manager who has taken on the challenge of tackling our brand new online store. The lucky young lady who is in charge of making our loyal shoppers at home happy just so happens to be me, Kylie Stracener!


I am so excited to be here working full time to help make Cara's Boutique an even more enjoyable place to shop, in store and online! 3. Our fearless leader and best boss in the world, Cara, is baking a bun in the oven. (She's pregnant.) In only a few more short weeks she will be having a new little girl! How exciting! As we all know, girls are the best because you can play dress up with them all the time! This little girl is sure to be spoiled rotten! We cannot wait to meet her!


If you didn't know, we are the perfect boutique to help you find all the latest styles for the true southern woman.  Our specialty is helping you find outstanding outfits for women of all ages at the most affordable prices.

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Stay tuned for next months blog to find out what all new is happening at Cara's Boutique! God Bless!